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Partners for Progress

Partners for Progress is a state-wide community-based nonprofit in Alaska with the mission of:

  • Promoting public safety by reducing reoccurrence of addiction-fueled crime

  • Supporting problem-solving courts that focus on providing positive outcomes for the offender, victim, and society

  • Providing assistance to indigent former offenders as they re-enter their communities

  • Partnering with problem-solving courts by providing training scholarships for court teams, sponsoring public education forums, and keeping abreast of innovative approaches to reducing recidivism


Chef Brett Knipmeyer

       Brett, originally from Chicago, chef and owner of Kinley’s Restaurant, started cooking in Colorado after receiving a BS in architecture from University of Illinois. Finding a fondness for his new career, he traveled around the Pacific Northwest, Chicago and eventually stopped in Alaska opening his own restaurant and naming it after his favorite person in the world, his daughter Kinley.

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