Straw for Dogs

Straw For Dogs promotes quality care taking and provides supplies and resources for pets outdoors throughout Alaska. We offer free and pay-as-you-can doghouses, straw, food, toys, treats, spay/neuter, vetting, rescue/rehoming and more. Straw For Dogs has provided pet food to 3 different human food banks since 2014.


Kelly Nichols

Chef Kelly Nichols, owner and operator of Suite 100, has worked in the restaurant industry for over 20 years.  Kelly got his first restaurant job at McDonalds when he was 14 years old.  In 2007, Kelly teamed up with his wife, Heidi, to open the immediately successful south-side restaurant and lounge. “I love the industry; you get to throw a party every night.  How great is that?”   |   907 952 1885   |    © 2018 Blue Husky Designs