In a day and age when many seem to be divided on a variety of issues, Anchorage has 10 Chefs who made a decision to come together for the betterment of their community, even though each restaurant competes with each other for their livelihood. They brought together 10 different charities whose services provide a wide range of social welfare activities for Anchorage, and now we are asking you to do the same. We are asking for 10 different sponsors to come together and pledge 10 thousand dollars for 10 Chefs for Causes. Be part of the 10 for 10.

- 1 Table of 12 guests at 10 Chefs for Causes Event

- Access to VIP preparty for 12 guests

- VIP entrance to the event

- Special VIP table placement

- VIP wine served at your table during the Live Auction


- Sponsor’s logo will be on display at all 10 restaurants as      the exclusive 10 for 10


- Full page ad in event program

- Recognition as The 10 for 10 with logo on stage at event

- Verbal acknowledgment on stage at event as 10 for 10

- Sponsor’s logo on website as 10 for 10

- Sponsor’s Logo in slideshow at event as 10 for 10